Commonwealth of Kentucky

Client: Office of Broadband Outreach and Development (OBOD), Commonwealth of Kentucky

Project: Kentucky Broadband Planning (SNG)

Conducted: 2011 – present

Results: SNG is currently lending our expertise to the OBOD and the Kentucky Area Development Districts (ADD) to administer and coordinate broadband related research, data collection, development and implementation of public outreach campaigns and recruitment / development of collaborative networks of localized stakeholders and Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) to form Regional/Community Stakeholder Groups. The primary goal? Formalization of broadband promotion, adoption, and utilization plans to impact broadband demand and economic development in unserved and underserved areas of the Commonwealth. Also in the works is defining strategic objectives and metrics to measure the impact of this broadband planning effort on those objectives.

A collaborative web-based network, or Central Repository, is being developed and deployed to deliver service and educational information to regional stakeholders and the citizens of the Commonwealth. The Central Repository will promote new internet content, broadband usage training, data, applications, productivity and action planning online tools to support the broadband planning and adoption efforts of the OBOD.

Preliminary Regional Broadband Reports will be presented to regional stakeholders at a Broadband Adoption and Utilization Planning Workshop. Key findings and utilization gaps will be presented and discussed. Based on these discussions, regional stakeholders will be asked to identify economic development goal, focus priorities and utilization gaps to bridge. Feedback from the workshop will be used to develop a data collection work plan, followed by collection and analysis of data on broadband and e-solutions use by businesses, organizations, institutions, and households across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. From the data collection effort, Digital Economy Reports will be developed that includes a state‐wide broadband utilization profile, as well as customized profiles for the Regional/Community Stakeholder Groups. Plan for economic development through broadband for each Regional/Community Stakeholder Group will be developed, including a summary of priorities, a roadmap forward, with analysis of the targeted industry sectors and/or geographies identified in the workshops.

Resources: December Workshop

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