Unserved, underserved, or future ready – do your businesses and households have the broadband they need?

How do you reliably and accurately identify areas that are unserved, underserved, or future ready with broadband?

As Form 477 data is often inaccurate or overstated, the State of Oregon has hired SNG to conduct a Statewide Broadband Assessment to collect data from end-users on what services are available to them and combine that with data on broadband infrastructure to develop a more accurate broadband map and a more granular understanding of broadband gaps. This will be submitted to the Oregon State Legislature in February 2020 to help legislators make better, evidence-based decisions on legislation, programs and funding so that all Oregon households and businesses are able to effectively participate in an increasingly digital economy.



We need data and insights on broadband market potential and the returns from investing in broadband. At SNG we call this the economic case for broadband – that broadband investment solutions need to be self-sustaining and not subsidized to be effective long term. Both private and public investors need data and insights to assess a broadband market and its potential to net a positive return on investment. For this, the right information is needed and SNG has developed a holistic approach to gathering the data and developing the intelligence needed to make sustainable broadband investment decisions.





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