Network Providers

Driving Effective Broadband Use Increases Demand and Network Sustainability

Broadband networks need users. Service subscribers generate the revenues needed to support the network investments, whether your network is municipal, utility operator, or a private ISP. Service demand and revenue is critical, whether directly as a retail provider or indirectly as a wholesale or open access provider.

Making the investment in high-quality broadband networks is a significant undertaking and, whether you are motivated my profit or economic development, or both, that investment needs to be recovered over time. That means paying users and a subscriber base that grows and stays over time – to the point that network operations are financially sustainable.

Marketing speed and reliability only goes so far. Essentially this is marketing “features”. People need to understand the benefits that speed and reliability gives them, which in turn drives demand for broadband. Beyond simply internet access, broadband is about digital transformation for peoples’ lives and how we do business and thrive in the community.

Network providers that actively help potential users to clearly understand broadband’s benefits not only stimulate demand for their services, but they also create a deeper customer relationship that increases “stickiness” and reduces customer churn – increased service uptake and improved network sustainability.

Public utility networks, including those that provide fiber infrastructure on a wholesale basis, also ultimately need consumer demand that drive retail services and network utilization. Public utilities have a unique responsibility to their communities in facilitating the availability of broadband services and that community access is sustainable.

How We Help

SNG provides solutions that apply our extensive broadband user research to help businesses understand clearly how they can benefit from doing more online. The more a business uses online applications the greater their need for speed and reliable connections, and by helping them get their you become a valued partner as well as a service provider.

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