Driving Local Economic Growth through Broadband

If you are not online, you are not relevant in an online economy

As businesses and communities look for ways to compete and flourish in a global economy, the internet has the potential to be transformative and impactful – if the technology is leveraged for practical use. Unfortunately, a majority of businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses, do not understand what they could and should be doing online to grow.

Everyone knows more needs to be invested to bridge digital divides so that all businesses and households have affordable broadband. However one thing is not as clear: that even with broadband there is a small business digital divide leaving too many behind. SNG’s research confirms what you may already know: a majority of small and medium sized businesses do not understand what they could be doing online to thrive – and should be doing to stay competitive and relevant in an increasingly digital economy.

The small business digital divide is especially disconcerting as more than 90% of businesses have less than 20 employees. Your local economy depends on how effectively your local businesses are utilizing broadband and online practices. See what the City of Highland, Illinois, did to help their businesses.

Small Business Growth Program

Small Business Growth Program LogoSNG’s industry-leading Small Business Growth Program shows small and medium sized businesses the potential growth and cost savings from getting online. In an increasingly online world, businesses need to have the necessary digital infrastructure, literacy, and proficiency to realize the full benefits from online applications and new technologies. It is not just about being competitive, it is about staying relevant in an online economy.

Some businesses are proficient and comfortable with using technology and online applications – however SNG’s research shows that many are not. SNG measures the level of utilization with our globally recognized Digital Economy index (DEi) Scorecards. Empirical evidence that SNG has collected since early 2000’s shows that the higher the level of utilization the greater the economic and community benefits to the local economy. SBGP numbers

SNG works with localities toward digital transformation to help their local businesses make practical use of digital technologies to better deliver services, to drive economic growth, spur new business startups, and expand workforce opportunities. We at SNG know from over 15 years of measuring how tens of thousands of businesses across North America have benefited from broadband and online practices.

The Small Business Growth Program (SBGP) is program is designed to help individual businesses take the specific steps they need to leverage broadband and online practices. This program drives both economic development and network uptake.  The SBGP provides participating businesses with a DEi Scorecard containing recommended Internet-enabled applications to drive efficiencies and sales


sng-small-business-growth-programThe Small Business Growth Program is a full-service program that builds on local capacity to drive economic growth through broadband by providing businesses a roadmap to realize benefits from online practices. SNG’s

For broadband network owners and service providers, the Small Business Growth Program will drive subscribers and uptake, making your network sustainable in a shorter period of time.

For localities, the Small Business Growth Program equips local businesses with the competitive intelligence and tools they need to compete in the digital economy, taking advantage of opportunities that create jobs and drive tax revenues. For regions that already have capacity, they may opt for the more affordable Small Business Growth Kit.



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