Digital Inclusion and Transformation Program

The value of broadband comes from how it is used.

To advance your economy in a digital world, ensure your local businesses, households, and organizations have the broadband they need and the capabilities to use online practices to their full potential. Gaps in access and in the use of online practices are causing a growing digital divide in localities which negatively impacts local economic and community vitality as:

  • Local businesses miss out on new ways of doing business and the accompanying revenue opportunities
  • Local households miss out on better access to services (health, education, civic), remote working opportunities, etc. – all of which negatively impacts their quality of life
  • Businesses that cannot be found online are  noncompetitive and will decline – which negatively impacts the locality’s tax base and quality of life

How end users leverage technology is what we at SNG call ‘utilization’, which includes securing more meaningful employment through teleworking, children able to use the internet for their homework, seniors able to interact with health providers remotely, or businesses able to operate more effectively with online applications. With increased awareness along with capability to effectively use technology, people can better leverage technology based on what is most meaningful to them.

Steps Toward Digital Inclusion and Transformation

SNG’s Digital Inclusion and Transformation Program helps people expand their understanding what is possible online and what is in it for them, which drives adoption and more effective use of existing technologies and online practices.

Digital transformation is about advising, guiding, and helping what people could and should do online in ways that become professionally and personally beneficial. SNG has measured tangible benefits and impacts, whether this is related to personal lifestyle and productivity or, in the case of businesses, operational and financial improvements. The program is tailored to your community based on inputs from your residents and businesses using SNG’s proven data collection tools and analysis.

Steps toward Digital Inclusion and Transformation Outcomes
Step 1 – Assess demand and measure current state of broadband availability and use (AS-IS State)

  • Identify current utilizations, benefits, issues, and gaps for transformation opportunities
  • A baseline from which to measure progress, impacts, and community returns on investment
Step 2 – Identify learning and skills needs for target demographic groups and business sectors (TO-BE State)

  • Assess utilization, needs, barriers, gaps, opportunities
  • Included in Broadband Impact and Market Assessment
  • Segmentation of market and prioritization of topics to address opportunities
  • Assessment of learning and skills needs for transformation plan
Step 3 – Raise awareness and drive utilization to leverage technology

  • DEi Scorecards, eLearning modules, online resources
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Recruit subject matter experts as needed
  • Greater and more practical use of broadband and online practices for personal and business benefits, which positively impacts the locality
  • Recognition of partnering with the community
Step 4 – Track progress and outcomes

  • Impact of program on participants
  • Impact on community
  • Quantification of personal (quality of life, increased income) and business benefits (new revenues, etc.)
  • Assessment of community impacts (jobs, tax base, etc.)
Step 5 – Share success stories and lessons learned
  • Further raise awareness and drive increased utilization and participation across locality


‘Setting the Table’ to Grow the Economy through Broadband

With affordable, ubiquitous broadband, the ‘table is set’ for all to benefit – but who in the community will take a seat at the table? Many will be eager to leverage technology, but others may not feel ready or able. By understanding gaps, barriers, and opportunities – with both local businesses and households – SNG can work with you to develop a plan that converts market potential into broadband demand and economic growth. Data collected from households and businesses provides evidence-based insights to customize your plan, that may include the following:

  • Awareness Campaign
    • Follow-up to online data collection to share selected results
    • Promotion of the value of using broadband
    • Promotion of planned information learning sessions
    • Leverage available local channels
  • Learning Sessions and Resources
    • Local workshops
    • Webinars (live and recorded)
    • Focus on demographic groups and/or topics of interest
    • Recruit subject matter experts
  • One-on-one support for businesses
    • Digital Economy index (DEi) Scorecards
    • Online eBusiness learning modules
    • Networking with local support resources
  • Tracking progress and outcomes
    • Methods for follow-up with participating residents and businesses
    • Analysis of impacts and recommendations for additional plan activity
    • Methods for sharing individual success stories and integrating them in awareness campaign

The payoff from investing in digital transformation is increased economic vitality.

Not everyone will want help or take action. The measure of success is in giving the opportunity to everyone and helping those who want it.


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