Digital Economy Demand Checkup

Assess demand in your market to better inform investment decisions in broadband and digital infrastructure

Start at the Beginning

  • How do you know if you have enough demand for an investment in broadband and digital infrastructure? Are there a vocal few, or is there an addressable market?
  • Is there a low-cost way to capture demand up-front that also shows constituents “we’re doing something about broadband” by providing them with a vehicle to start addressing their broadband needs and gaps?
  • For those who are vocal that their internet connection is slow, unreliable, or expensive – how can that energy be harnessed to assess not just current demand, but also market potential and future demand for broadband and online services? Is it possible to identify and capture commitments by households and businesses from which to build a business case for investing?

SNG’s Digital Economy Demand Checkup service provides SNG’s industry-leading digital economy metrics and data collection tools for localities considering broadband and digital infrastructure projects. The service is designed to be a practical and cost-effective way for localities to assess whether they have enough of an addressable market by gathering demand data directly from residents, businesses, and organizations. Assessing broadband demand is one of the first steps a locality can and should take as they decide where and how to get started.

The Digital Economy Demand Checkup includes:

  • Data Collection Tools
    • SNG’s proven online eHousehold Checkup and eBusiness Checkup
    • Initial consultation to review the tools and deployment best practices
  • Customization of tools
    • Co-branding with client logos
    • Localization information for target locations
    • Choice of post-completion landing page
  • Access Web Page for households and businesses to access the eHousehold and eBusiness Checkups
    • Hosted by SNG, but branded for client
    • Tailored messaging content
  • Online Tracking Reports
    • Online reports for each checkup to monitor status in real time
    • Password protected
  • Promotional Materials for outreach to households and businesses
    • Promotion guide
    • Communication templates, including; emails, social media messaging, bill inserts, etc.

Additional Service Options:

  • Topline Report from data collected
  • Economic Impact Report, with review consultation
  • Demand Analysis Report, with review consultation
  • Custom Checkup Questions (up to 3 additional questions)

Service options may be added separately at any time later with the exception of the Custom Checkup Questions, which needs to be purchased at the time of set-up to be included in the data collection. Clients may choose any or all of the Topline Report, the Economic Impact Report, or the Demand Analysis Report, according to your needs and preferences.

Reports may be purchased at any time when required and when there is sufficient data for reporting. Sufficiency of data will be discussed with the client in relation to client information needs and reporting value.

What you get

eCheckup Data Collection Tools

At the core of the service you will receive access to SNG’s industry-leading digital economy metrics and data collection tools – the eHousehold Checkup and the eBusiness Checkup – to gather information from residents, businesses, and organizations in your area. These checkups, made available through your custom access web page, will tell you:

  • Connections and speeds used
  • Satisfaction with current services.
  • Interest in better or faster services.
  • How internet connections are being used
  • Benefits from using the internet.
  • Barriers to doing more online.
  • Priority goals and issues for the community.
  • Household impacts for education, telehealth, teleworking, home business, and income.
  • Business impacts for revenues, cost savings, and job creation.
  • Contact and location information for those interested in new services.

More than simply gathering broadband service demand data, the eCheckups provide essential insights into your communities through directly engaging residents and businesses.

Topline Report

The Topline Report provides statistical results for all of the essential data collected through the eHousehold Checkup and the eBusiness Checkup to know how your residents and businesses responded to each question. This allows you to feel the pulse of your communities and clearly identify the levels of interest and demand for new or improved services.

The Topline Report will include a processed data file of responses, including contact information for those who have opted in for sharing this.

Economic Impact Report

Focus on identifying and driving network benefits, for users and for the community.

  • Understand the gaps and opportunities for broadband use in your market
  • Estimate the economic impact of opportunities from your network investment
  • Measure the impacts of the network and quantify its benefits

The Economic Impact Report goes beyond the traditional business case view of network investments to focus on how those investments pay off for the community overall, for improved quality of life and for economic growth. Based on the data collected for your locality you will gain insights into how broadband and digital infrastructure will impact:

  • Attraction and retention of residents and businesses, foundational to the tax base
  • Workforce development and opening new employment opportunities
  • Household lifestyles and work-from-home opportunities
  • Business income and profitability
  • Increases to local GDP and taxes, as well as job growth

The analysis and report focus on specific areas of greatest relevance to your locality and provide comparative results from SNG’s extensive and industry-leading Digital Economy Database (DED). Included in the reporting is a one-hour consultation of the draft report with a final report to be provided at an agreed date.

Demand Analysis Report

Focus on identifying service demand and driving revenues.

  • Understand the current state of broadband use and needs in your market
  • Identify actual and potential demand for services across market segments
  • Assess the potential for driving demand for services and increasing revenues

The Demand Analysis Report dives into the current state of broadband use from residents and businesses to uncover demand drivers as well as direct service demand data. Not only does this reveal essential demand quantification for services, but also informs how to market the value of broadband services to different market segments. Based on the data collected for your locality you will gain insights into demand for broadband services to support investment in digital infrastructure:

  • Current services used and satisfaction levels
  • Interest and need for new services and better connections
  • Estimates of potential take rates for service subscriptions
  • Opportunities to leverage untapped demand by driving awareness
  • Tactics for growing awareness and educating the market

The analysis and report focus on specific areas of greatest relevance to your locality and provide comparative results from SNG’s extensive and industry-leading Digital Economy Database (DED). Included in the reporting is a one-hour consultation of the draft report with a final report to be provided at an agreed date.

How it works

  1. Initial consultation – On subscribing to your selected service package SNG will meet with you by online conference to:
    • Understand your goals, project, and timeline.
    • Review key items and best practices for deployment.
    • Gather needed information for customization, such as logos and messaging, and location information for target deployments.
    • Review additional custom question requirements (optional).
  2. Promotional Materials
    • Promotions Guide with best practices.
    • Communications templates that you can modify, such as email invitations, social media posts, mail inserts, etc.
  3. Data Collection Tools Ready – SNG will provide online tools via your custom access web page within 5 business days of the initial consultation (10 days if custom questions are required).
    • Access web page with custom messaging.
    • eHousehold Checkup and eBusiness Checkup links active and ready for deployment.
    • Online Tracking Reports for each checkup.
    • Additional review and discussion as needed for optional custom questions to make sure they meet your research needs.
  4. Deploy where and when you need
    • Reach out to your community as quickly and as broadly as you desire. Promote the eCheckups – more outreach means more response and better data.
    • Monitor for completions using the online tracking reports and adjust your outreach to increase responses.
    • Contact SNG for advice and support as needed.
  5. Reporting – Let us know when you need your report(s), usually once enough data has been collected. Please allow for lead time to process the data and prepare your custom reports.
    • Five (5) business days notice for the Topline Report.
    • A minimum of 10 business days notice for the Economic Impact Report and the Demand Analysis Report.
    • Timing can be adjusted to meet your information needs and external deadlines as needed.
    • SNG consultation reviews are provided for each report.

Data collection may continue for as long or as short a duration as you need. Bear in mind that data collection can take time to reach people and get them to participate. This is the essence of local community engagement and harnessing the energy of those who want better connectivity – you’re engaging them, thereby showing you are providing them a vehicle to address their needs.

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Digital Economy Demand Checkup

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