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As businesses and communities look for ways to compete and flourish in a global economy, the Internet has the potential to be transformative – if used effectively.  Unfortunately, a majority of small and medium sized businesses don’t understand what they should be doing online to grow.

SNG’s Small Business Growth Program shows SMEs the business implications (in terms of potential growth and cost savings) of Internet applications. The program’s foundation is SNG’s years of measuring Internet utilization impacts as well as the tens of thousands of businesses across the US that have reported their own impacts.

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Contact:  Your local economic development organization or Strategic Networks Group

“Small-to-medium businessess deploying just one additional revenue generating Internet practice can increase their revenues by as much as 18%”. Source:  SNG

Strategic Networks Group LogoStrategic Networks Group looks to help make the most broad-reaching and transformational impacts that broadband can bring to enable businesses, communities and regions by delivering the data and analysis decision makers need to maximize broadband’s potential.