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Here are a few to choose from, always link back to BUSINESS ASSESSMENT LINK to have businesses complete the assessment.


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Invitation option one:  Did you know that increasing your Internet use just a little bit could have massive bottom line implications for your business? On average and across all industries, small and medium sized businesses deploying just one additional revenue-generating Internet practice can increase their revenues by as much as 18%.

The benefits don’t stop there as streamlining just one process with online tools can drive cost savings as high as 5%. Before you say “that’s great for other businesses/industries, but not for mine,” keep in mind that by completing a 20-30 minute assessment you can find out exactly what your peers and competitors across the United States are doing.  And based on their answers regarding Internet’s economic impact on their businesses, you can be armed with the knowledge of just what could make a difference for your business.

Clicking on this link:  BUSINESS ASSESSMENT LINK will provide your business with invaluable business insights in the form of a one page business scorecard containing the economic impacts that your business could realize based on your peers’ experience. Click here to see example DEi Scorecard

Taking the Business Assessment also enrolls you in a program call the Small Business Growth Program  that will provide you with one-on-one help if you want it as well as several online tools to help with next steps.  Again – no one is trying to sell anyone anything here.

The ORGANIZATION is sponsoring this and as a member of ORGANIZATION, I encourage you to take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Invitation option two:  You’ve heard a lot about new networks, gigabit speeds, the cloud and other Internet-based applications.  But what does all this mean to your business – if anything?  Why does “faster” matter?  Are there Internet applications that can reduce your costs and increase efficiencies? And is your business the rule or exception when it comes to the ability to make money and drive revenues online?

ORGANIZATION, in collaboration with Strategic Networks Group (SNG), is offering you with an awesome opportunity to answer all of these questions – at zero cost, with no expectations, ever, for you to have to invest or buy anything.

As TITLE of ORGANIZATION, I’ve been looking for a product that gives businesses solid data regarding potential ROI and competitive benefits that can be gained through broadband.  The goal is to empower your business with the information you need to improve profitability.

The first step is as simple as clicking the following link and completing the 20-30 minute assessment: BUSINESS ASSESSMENT LINK

We will help you answer a big question: “How can my company measure our success?” ORGANIZATION and SNG will provide your company with an actionable broadband strategy, comparing your current usage to your peers in the industry; identify how this impacts revenues and operating costs; and present specific recommendations on how your business can realize better bottom-line results through the adoption of specific new internet uses.  

Just Click Here to complete your company’s broadband assessment! BUSINESS ASSESSMENT LINK

Clicking on this link:  BUSINESS ASSESSMENT LINK will provide your business with invaluable business insights in the form of a one page business scorecard containing the economic impacts that your business could realize based on your peers’ experience.  Click here to see example scorecards.

Taking the assessment also enrolls you in a program that will provide you with one-on-one help if you want it as well as several online tools to help with next steps. If you have any questions, please contact NAME of ORGANIZATION at PHONE NUMBER or EMAIL ADDRESS.

We are excited about the potential of this program and look forward to working with your business!

More option A  You’re probably stretched too thin to get a full picture of all of today’s small business best practices, let alone understand what the heck the cloud is.  You’re running sales, operations, and dealing with managing employees – how can you be expected to understand what you should be doing online to increase sales and efficiencies?

The problem up until now is that you just can’t possibly know what your company should be doing.  Tactic X may work for another company, but would it work for you?  And what would be the ROI… specifically?  Now you can know – unequivocally – know what you should be doing… and maybe even learn what the cloud is. By comparing your business with like sized businesses within similar industries across the country – as well as the economic impacts they’ve experienced, we are able to provide you with expectations and ROI before you have to decide whether a certain online tactic is right for your business.

The great thing is this service is free as ORGANIZATION and the Maryland Broadband Cooperative are providing you a way to measure how well you are using technology.  You simply fill out an assessment of what you are (and are not) doing online and we will provide you with a scorecard showing the top online tactics to tackle and their economic benefits. All of your individual company information is kept confidential as our goal is simply to provide you with the scorecard and additional world-class tools to help grow your business and with it, our local economy. This is the first step in ORGANIZATION’s commitment to helping grow your business.

We will be making online resources and business coaches available to help you implement recommendations – again, with absolutely no charge to your business. Click here to complete the assessment.

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact me.

More option B We know that as a business owner and manager, your time may be stretched too thin to have the full picture of best practices in technology, now ranging from supply chain management to security concerns to social media marketing to mobile applications! 

Between sales, operations, managing employees and countless other job titles, how can you be expected to select the right online tools to increase sales and efficiency? Technology choices are complex and tech vendors you trust are scarce.  How do you know what your company should be doing and what strategies will provide the best ROI? Now, with an investment of less than half an hour, you can know where your company stands and where you need to take it with technology.

By completing a confidential online assessment, you can understand how your firm stacks up against others of like size and industry.  By reviewing the provided scorecard, you will learn which technology investments will provide the greatest ROI and most immediate benefits to your business.

If you are interested in getting some in-person advice, our Small Business and Technology Development Center is ready to help you understand the report and to take action. If you would rather tackle this within your own team, easy to use online tutorials on business technology topics is provided.  Or take advantage of both human and online resources.  Just let us know.

We believe that innovative use of technology is a path to greater sales and efficiency for our area businesses so we ask that you to invest your time and complete the assessment and review the provided results. In addition to your participation, the economic development groups and chambers of commerce also support this initiative. Helping your company prosper is a top priority of these groups.

Click here to complete the assessment.BUSINESS ASSESSMENT LINK

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact me.

Option: Luminary sending, i.e. Governor, Mayor As TITLE of ORGANIZATION, I am inviting you to participate in a new project through the ORGANIZATION. The goal of this project is to help businesses, including yours, to increase economic vitality by more effectively using broadband technologies at no cost to your business.

To participate, you will complete an online self-assessment on how your business is currently using high speed Internet technologies. Completing the assessment will take approximately 20 minutes and the results will provide valuable information on broadband usage by REGION’s businesses and will allow for a comparison of business broadband usage and impacts with peers nationwide.

After the surveys are completed, a personalized scorecard will be provided to you. This scorecard will provide options that could improve profitability and expand business operations through the utilization of technology. Business broadband coaches will also meet with businesses selected to receive the personalized scorecard.

All information will remain confidential. I hope you can take a few minutes before DATE to participate in this research and help shape future broadband services for CITY. Please click here BUSINESS ASSESSMENT LINK to access the survey or copy and paste the following URL into your Internet browser.

If you have any questions about the survey or would like to be removed from this e-mail list, please e-mail EMAIL ADDRESS.