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Attached for your review is an example of a Tech Directory resource created to assist businesses as they consider making technology investments to improve their productivity and competitiveness.

We received your company name as well as others from the region’s various chamber of commerce directories.  We hope that you are pleased to be included (at no cost to you) but if there is some reason you do not want your company listed or want corrections or additions, please let us know.

This directory is just one piece of a larger strategy to promote the use of broadband-enabled technologies within the region.  This initiative is sponsored by the ORGANIZATION and supported by the region’s chambers of commerce and economic development organizations and delivered by SNG Group.  Small businesses in the region have access to a powerful business technology benchmarking tool and online resource called the Small Business Growth Program.

The Business Assessment measures the use of various online technologies and provides them with a DEi Scorecard that: 1) gives them an overall benchmarking score; 2) contrasts their score with similar firms in size and industry using a database of over 25,000 firms; and 3) provides recommendations for implementing strategies that will most positively impact their sales and operations; and 4) provides an online eBusiness Learning Module resource to help them better consider their options.  Sample DEi Scorecards.  Click here to see example DEi Scorecard

You are invited to participate in this initiative in these ways:

  1. Encourage your existing and prospective clients to take the Business Assessment and offer to review the results with them – they can take the assessment by going to LINK.
  2. Offer your expertise to your local chamber of commerce or economic development group to:
    •  Serve as coach to other firms that have recently taken the assessment (prospective new clients).
    • Teach a seminar on one or more of the e-Solutions strategies covered in the assessment.

Taken together, these steps will result in a better local economy and more business for you.  If you are interested in reviewing the Business Assessment and the online guide, please let us know and we will share the appropriate links.  We have promotional and coaching information available that makes it easy to get the word out.  Let us know how we can help you.

This tool will be only available online until _____________________________ so don’t delay your response.

For more information, contact: