Holistic Approach to Broadband Planning

Solve Availability and Drive Meaningful Use and its Economic Benefits

Today’s communities are too often focussed only on the “what” of broadband and looking to build, how to build, or how to pay for it. It’s building a broadband network and crossing fingers that “if we build it, they will come.” The problem is, they aren’t coming. Network after network is being built in the US and business uptake is best case slow, worst case woefully inadequate on a road to sustainability.


Recently Tennessee recognized the need to not only take a look at its inadequate service, but also develop strategies for driving meaningful use and capitalizing on the benefits by looking beyond availability.


By looking at broadband availability (broadband supply) and uncovering gaps in utilization, you can develop complete and powerful plans to improve meaningful use.  We’re looking beyond availability to the “demand-side” and utilization of broadband to help drive economic impacts.

Strategic Networks Group’s holistic approach benchmarks both current and future demand at a granular level, coupled with examination of current and potential supply-side solutions.

SNG will provide your community with plans specifying needed broadband investments and best-practice strategies to grow awareness and maximize utilization.

Here’s how SNG can help your community and your local decision makers understand where you stand with broadband and options for moving forward, driving economic development through the right investment(s).



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At the heart of this holistic approach is SNG’s eSolutions Benchmarking – to learn more about this one-of-a-kind assessment that drives strategies proven to drive economic advancement, click here>>


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