Helping Businesses Capitalize on Broadband’s Potential

SNG’s Small Business Growth Program relies on the world’s most robust database on broadband impacts to personalize solutions to overcome individual challenges.

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Guiding Digital Strategies

Helping governments, regional economic development organizations, and individual businesses worldwide, SNG’s findings are used to guide both “macro” and “micro” digital growth.

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Uncovering Broadband’s Regional Potential

SNG helps regions across the globe maximize economic impacts from broadband to create jobs, enhance citizen services, and increase regional competitiveness.

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Data-based digital economy development strategies

for regions and individual organizations.

Broadband Impact News

  • arkansas thumb

    Developing Statewide Utilization Strategies

    Connect Arkansas Looks to Drive Economic Impact, Small Business Growth   Connect Arkansas is a private nonprofit dedicated to increasing high-speed Internet implementation and utilization throughout Arkansas. As a project of the Arkansas Capital Corporation Group, […]

  • rurl

    The Rural Broadband Digital Divide

    There is a high degree of awareness of how differences in Internet connectivity contribute to the “digital divide” experienced by many, if not most, rural areas. Less is understood about a very real divide that […]

  • images

    SNG Research Featured On Bloomberg TV

    In a story about Maine’s lagging economy and Internet speeds – Bloomberg TV cited SNG’s research that a third of jobs are Internet created. It stands to reason that the two are interrelated.

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