How to Drive Benefits from Broadband

“We’ve made the investment, now we need to get the most out of our broadband”

You have implemented your broadband solution to meet your community needs. Now it is time to get the most from your broadband investment to achieve your vision and goals for your locality.

Over two decades, SNG has developed the knowledge and services that can help you move forward successfully with broadband, no matter what your starting point is.

We welcome you to review our research insights and our tools for economic development through broadband.

Driving Benefits from Broadband

Broadband as essential digital infrastructure for communities has the power to transform how households and businesses engage with the world. At SNG we have measured the impacts that broadband has on households and businesses. You can take active steps to accelerate this transformation so that everyone benefits from using broadband.

SNG’s Digital Transformation Program helps people expand their understanding what is possible online and helping them to adopt more of those practical uses. We will work with you to develop a program that works for your locality based on input from households and businesses in your community.

SNG’s Small Business Growth Program (SBGP) specifically targets small businesses to help them adopt more online business practices. The SBGP uses SNG’s industry-unique Digital Economy Scorecards to provide individualized insights to each business, enabling them to decide how to move forward.

We are here to help you on your path to owning your digital future!

We welcome you to review our tools for economic development through broadband.