How to Get Started with Broadband

“The rest of the world is passing us by, can you help us?”

Over two decades, SNG has developed the knowledge and services that can help you move forward successfully with broadband, no matter what your starting point is.

We welcome you to review our research insights and our tools for economic development through broadband.

Create your Vision

Broadband is essential infrastructure, as important to today’s economy as electrification was to the 20th Century. To build buy-in for broadband as digital infrastructure that enables your community to compete and thrive in a global economy you need a community vision.

Learn more about creating your community vision and SNG’s Digital Needs and Readiness Assessment.

Set your Goals

Broadband and digital infrastructure have the power to transform people’s lives, local economies, and communities through the practical uses of online practices by households and businesses – and the potential for smart communities. By understanding how and why broadband matters and setting practical goals, SNG offers proven unique tools to help you find your path and get ready to move forward.

Learn more about why broadband matters and SNG’s Community Broadband Toolkit.

Evaluate your options

The solution to filling your broadband needs depends on your unique issues and circumstances, as well as your vision and goals. What has worked in one locality may not be the right solution for yours.

At SNG, we understand the issues you face and we are not tied to any one solution. Our goal is to find the right solution that fits your locality and that has the best opportunity to pay for itself.

With our Economic Feasibility Assessment, we will help you identify the most suitable option for broadband network investment and show you the financial and economic benefits to enable you to move forward.

Get Ready

Once you have set your vision, goals, and decided to move forward based on economic feasibility, it is important to ensure that your stakeholders and elected officials are ready to take the next steps to create and implement your plan.

SNG’s Community Readiness Assessment tools, based on research of numerous successful broadband projects, provide an effective and systematic way to engage your stakeholders and ensure that you are ready to proceed.

We are here to help you on your path to owning your digital future!

We welcome you to review our tools for economic development through broadband.