What are your Broadband Investment Options?

“We need an investment option that makes sense for our community”

You have established your broadband goals that you aim to achieve. Now it is time to decide how best to invest in broadband to achieve your goals and meet the needs of your locality.

Over two decades, SNG has developed the knowledge and services that can help you move forward successfully with broadband, no matter what your starting point is.

We welcome you to review our research insights and our tools for economic development through broadband.

Broadband Investment Options

At SNG we know that a broadband investment and financing solution must fit to your unique issues and circumstances, as well as your vision and goals. We work with you through multiple, discrete steps that are based on gathering reliable data on broadband demand in your locality and building the financial and economic case for a sustainable broadband solution.

Economic Feasibility Assessment

SNG’s Economic Feasibility Assessment (EFA) provides a detailed assessment of the selected model for its long-term financial and economic viability. The key factors that influence viability and associated risks are defined for decision-making. The EFA examines:

  • Selection of target broadband operating model
  • Network build cost estimate
  • Municipal cost reduction from the broadband investment
  • Subscriber cost savings
  • Economic impacts and other benefits to the municipality
  • Required investment and financing options

Learn more about investing in broadband as infrastructure and SNG’s Economic Feasibility Assessment.

Identify and Grow Broadband Demand

Before implementing a broadband solution, it is essential to fully understand the market potential and the future demand for broadband by residents and businesses in the locality. SNG has decades of experience in gathering data on current and future demand for broadband services directly from residents and businesses. This data will:

  • inform a detailed business plan
  • prioritize network deployment planning based on where demand is strongest
  • inform outreach and promotion to increase interest and demand
  • provide demand aggregation for signing up customers
  • provide a baseline against which to benchmark progress and outcomes from broadband investment

SNG offers two services for gathering demand data from your locality, depending on your needs and budget.

In both cases you will benefit from SNG’s experience and analysis leveraging our industry-leading Digital Economy Database.

Get Ready for Your Broadband Initiative

Once your benefits outweigh costs for a broadband investment and know that current and potential demand can sustain your network, it is important to ensure that you and your stakeholders and partners are ready to take the next steps to create and implement your plan.

SNG’s Community Readiness Assessment tools, based on research of numerous successful broadband projects, provide an effective and systematic way to engage your stakeholders and ensure that you are ready to proceed.

We are here to help you on your path to owning your digital future!

We welcome you to review our tools for economic development through broadband.