Broadband Communities Summit 2015

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This page contains content from SNG’s presentations at this year’s Broadband Communities Summit as well as offers for conference attendees.

As a select attendee to the Summit, we want to provide you a unique offer – access to SNG’s one-of-a-kind research services.

This includes a database of tens of thousands of businesses and households across the United States and their Internet utilization practices.  SNG doesn’t map availability or measure basic supply-side metrics.  Strategic Networks Group focuses on the demand and utilization of broadband and its applications.  Most importantly, we are helping regions and their businesses grow and thrive by overcoming utilization barriers. 

As a BBC Summit friend and colleague we would like to offer you a rare look into our utilization database, called the Digital Economy Analytics Platform, giving you access to questions on utilization you would like answered.

And if you are looking for a way to show small businesses within your community how they can grow and build their business through online applications, we would love to send a few of your region’s businesses through our Small Business Growth Program – a unique program that is helping small businesses across the Unites States (92% of the nation’s businesses) learn how they can increase revenues and decrease costs with Internet utilization.

  • For economic development agencies, SNG can help you aid your local businesses grow using Internet applications
  • If you are a service provider, SNG’s program helps drive utilization and uptake of your network.  The program stops the ‘sales door’ from closing and offer a value-added service that builds customer loyalty

If you are interested in this special offer, email Doug Adams at


As requested, SNG is providing our presentation slides from last month’s conference.

Maximizing Your Network’s Potential with Marketing Principles

In this workshop we examine the implications of treating broadband like a utility as a marketer.  This practice steers us towards marketing the feature of “speed” versus the benefits the Internet provides.

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Broadband by the Numbers

This presentation focuses on the economic impacts of broadband utilization.

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The Rural Broadband Digital Divide

We examine how the digital divide manifests itself in lower utilization in rural settings.


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