Broadband Resources


Experts in the benefits of broadband, Strategic Networks Group has compiled these resources to help communities understand and get started realizing the socio-economic benefits of broadband. Our goal is to help communities and regions use the Internet more effectively to retain and grow local businesses, as well as create new good-paying jobs.

Overview: The Economic Impacts of Broadband Use

dots thumbIn this brief presentation Michael Curri will share with you how broadband impacts jobs and business growth – connecting the dots between the Internet and actual, quantifiable economic growth.

Key findings and best practices are shared in this presentation from more than 15 years of measuring broadband’s impacts on business growth and economic impacts across North America.


Can Your Community Make a Business Case for Better Broadband?

The Economic Feasibility Assessment is a process SNG offers as an alternative to longer and more costly feasibility studies. It’s a preliminary step to inform and develop a plan for local broadband investment.

The Economic Feasibility Assessment does the hard work to uncover whether a community should invest by quantifying the benefits to be realized in the “what-if” scenario of a municipal network. We investigate real community savings versus investment and as a value-add offer a forecast for the economic growth a new network could facilitate.

Calculating the Economic Impacts of Broadband Use

Uncover the financial impacts meaningful use can have for your region in terms of GDP, business revenues, local taxes and jobs. All it takes is helping businesses use the Internet “smarter.”  To measure actual economic impacts of Internet utilization, we offer SNG’s Broadband Economic Impact Model which applies reported utilization data from tens of thousands of businesses and infers what increasing awareness and use of Internet applications could mean for your region. Click to learn more >>


Broadband Readiness

SNG-graphic-bannerSNG’s Community Readiness Self-Assessment Tool takes SNG’s unmatched broadband research and applies our learnings to your own community. Simply answer a few questions  around your community’s leadership, plan, market, etc. Click to learn more >>

The Readiness Assessment provides you with scoring to help you know how you stack up and includes insights from lessons learned.


SNG’s Community Broadband Toolkit

Make insights actionable and move forward with SNG’s Community Broadband Toolkit. The toolkit includes a comprehensive set of guides, templates and tools to assist with your community’s broadband initiative. This guide also includes an overview of broadband benefits, based on current research, to assist communities in establishing a clear set of goals for their broadband efforts.



Demand Aggregation

COS logo_600x600

In cooperation with SNG, COS Systems is offering a trial to run a COS Service Zones demand aggregation campaign.

Demand aggregation means targeting the residents and businesses where you intend to build a network with a campaign to have them commit to connect their houses to your network and buy services. You do it before the network is built to ensure that you will have enough customers to eliminate the risk of investing in construction where the business case will not add up. Read more here>>