Solutions for Economic Development

For nearly two decades Strategic Networks Group has been communities and regions use digital infrastructure and technologies to better deliver services, to enable educational opportunity and economic growth, spur new business startups, and expand workforce opportunities. Our services :

  • Address gaps in digital infrastructure availability and use without raising taxes, nor taking on unsustainable debt;
  • Grow the market for digital infrastructure and drive network sustainability by driving demand for smart city and online business applications; and,
  • Identify opportunities to implement enhanced essential services (smart city and neighborhood services, ehealth, elearning, AI-based security solutions, transportation technology, IoT initiatives, etc.) that pay for themselves and enhance local quality of life.

Clients have used SNG’s work to address digital divides and infrastructure gaps, drive economic development through broadband, and develop programming and legislation to fund digital infrastructure and regional development initiatives.

“Michael Curri and SNG give quantifiable reasons to deploy broadband.  Their research provides hard data that is specific to a community, region, or state, not opinions, feelings, assumptions, or conjecture.  Finally, we have access to facts that enable informed decisions so we can confidently define a path forward and acquire favorable financing.”
– Joseph Franell, CEO – Eastern Oregon Telecomm; Chair – Oregon Broadband Advisory Council

Current State of Broadband Assessment – SNG’s proprietary eSolutions Benchmarking

Using world-leading, one-of-a-kind online tools that collect over 120 indicators on broadband utilization, impacts, needs, barriers, equipment, readiness, skills, and more, SNG’s Data collectionmethodology is entirely personalized to your project. We work in full collaboration with our client and local stakeholders to ensure that the data collection process brings back as many insights as possible. SNG gathers more and deeper data from more people than any other broadband data collection provider – with tools that will provide deep and meaningful analysis for strategy development.

Economic Feasibility Assessment

The Economic Feasibility Assessment is a process SNG offers as an alternative to longer and more costly feasibility studies. It is the foundational planning step to answer an important question: Does this broadband infrastructure investment pay off for our community/region?

The Economic Feasibility Assessment can up-front assess whether community benefits outweigh the costs of investing in broadband. This is critical when unserved and underserved areas do not represent enough of a business case for private sector investment in broadband (where revenues exceed capital and operational costs). Like other infrastructure investments, the significant long-term community benefits from broadband are drivers can make an economic case for public investment in broadband.

Calculating the Economic Impacts from Meaningful Use of Digital infrastructure and Smart City Services

Strategic Networks Group’s Broadband Economic Impact Model estimates the potential economic growth from increased broadband use. The model uses quantitative analysis to reveal the potential economic impacts from broadband for your region based on of the most impactful broadband utilization scenarios. Powering this model is SNG’s extensive research among tens of thousands of businesses that have reported Internet utilization and accompanying financial impacts. Below is an example of an estimate that can be run at county, region, or state level for any industry and/or Internet application.

Community Readiness

Objectively evaluating readiness can affirm strengths and reveal weaknesses that need to be addressed to ensure success. Engaging key community stakeholders in a readiness evaluation also uncovers different perspectives while involving those stakeholders in the process, leading to greater support and participation toward achieving your broadband goals.

While every community can go through this process on their own, SNG has applied our experience and methods to develop tools to facilitate the readiness evaluations. Our Community Readiness Assessment is designed to easily engage community stakeholders in the process and provide a comprehensive readiness report to maximize your readiness and avoid unanticipated issues before they happen.

Small Business Growth Program

The Small Business Growth Program (SBGP) is program is designed to help individual businesses take the specific steps they need to maximize broadband’s benefits for growth. In short, this program drives both economic development and network uptake.  The SBGP provides participating businesses with a scorecard containing recommended Internet-enabled applications to drive efficiencies and sales.

Communication and Facilitation Skills

SNG applies its strong communications skills in developing outreach and educational materials, engaging stakeholders in planning processes, conducting planning meetings, and developing action plans that reflect not only stakeholders’ values and aspirations, but also the opportunities and barriers found in a region and others like it.

The SNG team has extensive experience in analyzing and synthesizing both qualitative and quantitative information and in developing documents and narratives that convey key concepts and directions to stakeholders and third parties, elected officials, and the public.

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Small Business Growth Program

Small Business Growth Program Logo

As businesses and communities look for ways to compete and flourish in a global economy, the Internet has the potential to be transformative – if used effectively.

Unfortunately, a majority of small and medium sized businesses don’t understand what they should be doing online to grow.

SNG’s Small Business Growth Program shows SMEs the business implications (in terms of potential growth and cost savings) of Internet applications. The program’s foundation is SNG’s years of measuring Internet utilization impacts as well as the tens of thousands
of businesses across the US that have reported their own impacts.

SBGP numbers

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DEi Scorecards

Available with the eSB and a standard component of the Small Business Growth Program, the DEi (Digital Economy index) Scorecard is a ground-breaking, individualized  tool that helps network managers and economic development professionals increase broadband adoption and utilization by demonstrating the economic impacts of broadband utilization in terms of ROI directly to businesses and organizations. Scorecard recipients benefit from unique insights on how to improve their daily operations by implementing new digital solutions.

As part of our data collection p Example DEirocess SNG asks businesses and organization how they are using a range of 17 categories of Internet enabled tools and process (eSolutions), from which we can calculate the SNG Digital Economy index for each business or organization. It’s a simple score from 0 to 10 that allows us to tell a business where it stands among its peers and how they could benefit more from the digital economy.

Generated through SNG’s online tools, the DEi Scorecard is a one page report delivered to every business and organization that participates in data collection. On the report, they will see their Digital Economy index score based on current use of broadband, and how they compare to organizations of the same size and industry sector. With each Scorecard comes three suggested eSolutions for immediate adoption for greatest impact. Recommendations are based on industry averages collected by SNG, the quantified impact in terms of revenues and cost savings these tools would have if they were implemented.

Finally, the contact information of one manager among an SNG local partner is included to help support with questions on how to implement new e-solutions that will increase its productivity and service quality, providing extended insights, documentation and ongoing support, making the DEi Scorecards the perfect personalized way to mobilize businesses and organizations into your regional development initiatives.