Driving Network Sustainability

Improve Return on Investment and Sustainability

Broadband network providers continually need to attract and retain customers, especially when new network investments are being made. Significant marketing efforts are typically required to generate the service uptake needed to provide a good return on investment and to ensure ongoing sustainability of network operations. Broadband marketing and sales should not only taps into existing demand, but also grows the market by stimulating new demand for additional value-added services. At SNG we call this turning potential demand into active demand.

Marketing broadband speed and reliability only goes so far and not all users fully understand the value of these features. Furthermore, in a competitive market these features can be viewed as a commodity. SNG’s extensive research reveals that many small businesses to not have the time not the expertise to fully explore what they could be doing online and may be missing out on understanding the full value of broadband.

Helping current or potential customers better understand how they can benefits from robust broadband stimulates demand and creates customer loyalty, increasing service uptake and positions you as a valued partner in a competitive marketplace. For highly-prized commercial customers, assisting them to identify potential new uses of their broadband connection in a meaningful way that will help them grow and thrive can be an invaluable service. SNG has applied our extensive research from thousands of businesses to do just that, and we offer this through a service we call the Broadband Checkup.

Learn more about SNG’s Broadband Checkup and how you can drive customer uptake and retention while effectively engaging your business community be even more successful. The following tactics to drive demand, grow your market, increase network ROI, and expand the local economy:


To turn these tactics into action, we recommend taking stock, measuring demand and meeting it with our Market Demand and Economic Baseline developed for broadband service providers who need to drive revenues for network sustainability and want to grow the local economy.