Broadband Checkup

bb checkup

Grow Network Revenues By Helping Local Business Customers

“You can put fiber in the ground, hang it in the air and provide abundant capacity, but ISPs must show how the technology can be used to grow their business.”
– Michael Foor, Vice President, Market and Member Services, North Georgia Network


How it works

We give you the tools you need to identify where local businesses—both customers and prospects—can improve their online presence and grow revenue. The tools do all the up-front work, providing you with verifiable data that shows businesses what they should be doing and why they need faster internet from you.




Grow loyal business customers

If you want more business customers, you must show them how internet-based products and marketing will increase revenue. Small businesses comprise 90% of the total business marketplace. Research shows that the smaller the business, the less they understand why they need faster internet. The Broadband Checkup shows businesses what Internet applications they could and should be using to be more competitive. By positioning your company as a partner in opportunity, you gain loyalty while your business customers prosper.

“I think every small business in Kansas City should be involved in your initiative to help companies realize the benefits of broadband usage.” – Barbara Williams, President/Founder, Jackson Blake Staffing (Kansas City, MI)



Your tool for success – the DEi Scorecard

Branded as coming from your company, the DEi Scorecard provides local businesses with an easy-to-read competitive analysis. The scorecard shows each business what online tactics they are currently using—and how this compares to their peers. This powerful tool shows areas of missed revenue and possible new business opportunities.

“By taking the assessment I had an opportunity to consider new programs that could be utilized to develop the growth of our business.” – Jamie Gensel, President, Fagan Engineers & Land Surveyors (Elmira, NY)



Get started today!

We’re positive that once you introduce the Broadband Checkup into your service offerings, you’ll be with SNG for years to come.  Our aggressive pricing schedule allows you to try this at a low risk cost.


For more information on this service, contact Michael Curri at or +1 (202) 558-2128.