What’s your broadband score?


As we focus on how we can make our broadband initiatives successful and network builds sustainable, have you ever been asked by your constituents – how do we compare? What are other communities doing to fully leverage broadband? What are the benefits of broadband that my business should be leveraging? How can my household better access health, educational, and civic services? In general, how am I doing?

SNG has developed a Digital Economy Index (DEi) – which scores how businesses, organizations, and households use key online practices. The DEi enables benchmarking of seventeen (17) key online practices for businesses and organizations and thirty (30) key online practices for households.

To personalize the value of broadband and online practices to individual businesses (especially small businesses that often do not have information technology directors), SNG has developed a DEi Scorecard that draws on industry leading metrics from our Digital Economy Database to assist small businesses and other organizations see where they stand. SNG’s DEi is a composite score of how organizations use online practices, or “e-solutions,” to drive productivity and competitiveness. By providing organizations’ with their DEi score, you are providing them insights into their competitiveness and relevance in an online economy by showing them how they compare to their peers and where they can adjust to increase efficiencies, innovation, and profitability.

The Digital Economy Index helps organizations develop their own broadband adoption plan (and economic growth path). Which leads into the next step, awareness & adoption support (Step 5 of the Broadband Lifecycle, or path to owning your digital future).

2 Responses to “What’s your broadband score?”

  1. Nathan John says:

    Thanks for sharing this post about broadband scores. This helped me to adopt the right services for my recently started business. Startups and new business professionals should have a look at it and then go for adopting broadband services.

  2. The internet enabled apps can be used to connect various department from different locations. Today, almost every large scale business is working with such type of applications.