The Economic Case for Municipal Broadband: An ICF Broadband Agendas Webinar

Watch this Broadband Agendas webinar from ICF to learn the difference between the business case and the economic case for broadband, and how communities turn it to their advantage.

Watch the webinar

When cities and counties decide to invest in broadband networks, they face the same business-case challenge as private-sector carriers. The city or county has usually arrived at this point precisely because the private sector does not see enough of a business case for investment, so how is government going to do what business cannot? Government’s advantage as a network builder is not anti-competitive behavior: it is that government and the community gain economic benefits from the network that a private-sector company cannot tap.


Michael Curri – Founder and President, Strategic Networks Group – starting at minute 36 of the webinar
Paul Leedham – Chief Innovation Officer/Director of IT, City of Hudson
Ysni Semsedini – CEO of Festival Hydro Inc and Rhyzome Networks
Jim Stifler – Chief Economic Officer, City of Hudson

Webinar conducted March 1, 2018


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