SNG Survey Privacy Policy

This privacy statement describes the privacy policy

of Strategic Networks Group.

(1) Notice

When we collect data from individuals, we inform them explicitly that we are doing so and if we use a third party to collect data for us, we disclose the fact that we have engaged them to do so.

(2) Purpose

We inform these individuals why we are collecting their data. We do not transmit to third parties (other than the firm we have engaged to run our surveys and collect data) any information that would allow the third party to identify these individuals.

When we do surveys on behalf of our clients, we strip the results of any personal identity information and transmit information to our clients in the aggregate. We do not sell or rent the names and emails of people who are in our database.

(3) Consent

We do not disclose to third parties personal information that would allow them to identify any individual person.

(4) Security

We take precautions to protect the data we collect from individuals and we have security measures in place to protect against the loss and misuse of information under our control.

We have written agreements with our clients which require them to:

  1. use our data products only for public policy research, planning, and educational purposes;
  2. treat this information confidentially (note: this information does not contain data that would allow our clients to identify individuals).
  3. protect our data products from unauthorized physical and electronic access;
  4. comply with all relevant regulations protecting the privacy of individuals.

(5) Opt-out from our mailing list

Individuals can opt out at any time from our mailing list. They can change (or ask to have deleted) the information they provided us.

(6) Taking surveys and gathering information

When we engage the services of a company to conduct phone surveys and gather data for our research, we require the company to comply with the terms of this privacy policy.