About SNG Solutions, Inc.

A division of SNG, SNG Solutions is a unique research firm specializing in maximizing – and then measuring – the impact of community initiatives.

Through our proprietary research methods, developed and refined by measuring the nuances of broadband economic impact, SNG is able to provide economic analysis for policy and program development – as well as a clear path to growth.

The founding of SNG Solutions is a result of the demand for Strategic Networks Group’s services (qualitative and quantitative data collection, economic analysis and forecasting, economic impact assessment, strategic planning) to be applied to other industries beyond SNG’s extensive expertise in telecommunications and broadband. Our speciality is measuring and tracking local economic benefits for industry and government, supporting capacity building, local economic benefits management, and public investment accountability.

Better insight for better decisions

Building on our experience of network econometrics, we have developed a holistic approach to problem identification, definition, analysis and solution for regional economic development initiatives – from golf to renewable energy.

SNG collects data from the source (i.e. businesses, organizations, institutions, households) and uses it in customized Input-Output (I-O) models for economic impact analysis. We have a proven track record and experience in I-O modeling for a variety of projects. I-O modeling tools are capable of calculating economic impacts in terms of GDP, jobs and tax revenues at national and regional levels, for direct, indirect and induced impacts.

We focus on:

  • Identifying key economic indicators and measures directly and indirectly related to the activity studied that are required for analysis of who benefits
  • Adapting our Online Tools to effectively and cost-efficiently collect the indicators and measures from individual stakeholders and data sources
  • Data analysis and interpretation to extract useful information from survey results for reporting and inputting to economic impact analysis
  • Interpreting research results and project analysis in an economic context at national and regional levels, as well as applying our community and regional economic development tool to identify linkages and opportunities for regional economic development

What we offer

  • Strategic planning and policy regional development facilitation
  • Rural economic development (focusing on the strengths and opportunities available to an organization, community or region within a local or regional economic system)
  • Asset mapping (to identify resource availability and gaps in services for government and organizations)
  • Economic impact assessments and strategic economic reviews
  • Energy economics (including economic assessments of alternative energy options)
  • Regulatory and program reviews (for both organizations and governments) and recommendation
  • Measuring and tracking local economic benefits for industry and government, supporting capacity building, local economic benefits management, and public investment accountability

Our study areas

Since 2003, SNG Solutions has lent its expertise to over one hundred industries including:

  • Tourism policy and development
  • Health economics
  • Labour market economics,
  • Oil and gas
  • Alternative / renewable energy
  • Primary and secondary agriculture and fisheries
  • General regional and rural economic development
  • Manufacturing
  • Sports and cultural development

Our partners

SNG Solutions is often called upon by other consulting companies to provide subject matter expertise in economic development, quantitative methods, program evaluation, and other services. We regularly work with urban and rural planners, landscape architects, engineers, industry associations, universities, local/municipal, provincial/state, and federal governments, non-for-profit organizations, business consultants, as well as regional development and community development organizations.