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  • 2009 Tall Ships Nova Scotia Festival Economic Impact Download Report
  • Labour Market Assessment of the Industrial – Commercial – Institutional Construction Sector of Nova Scotia (2007) Download Report
  • Information technology skills for the workplace (2006) Download Report


Focus on: Economic Analysis of the Impact of Golf in Canada

Client: National Allied Golf Association, Canada.

Project: Provided the first comprehensive and independent economic impact assessment of the golf industry in Canada and quantitative evidence of the economic significance of the game to the Canadian economy and the economy of each province and territory. Identified key economic indicators and measures the game of golf that are required for analysis of who benefits, and to what extent, from golf activities. Adapted SNG’s Online Impact Tracking Tool to effectively and cost-efficiently collect the indicators and measures from individual stakeholders in the golf industry, such as golf facility operators, individual golfers, etc. and conducted data analysis from survey results for reporting and input to economic impact analysis.

Conducted: August 2008 – August 2009

Results: Provided client with the hard data on the significance of their industry to the economy at a national and regional level – which they need for advocacy with government policies and legislation. SNG’s research received international media attention, showing that the game of golf accounts for an estimated $11.3 billion of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which includes: 341,794 jobs; $7.6 billion in household income; $1.2 billion in property and other indirect taxes; and, $1.9 billion in income taxes.


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