SNG Solutions

SNG offers a range of services to help you 

Through our proprietary research methods, developed and refined by measuring the socio-economic impacts from investments in digital infrastructure, SNG is able to provide economic analysis for policy and program development – as well as a clear path to growth.

Broadband and Digital Infrastructure for Economic Development

SNG’s mission is to help communities and regions transform their local economic opportunities, quality of life, and access to essential services through broadband and digital infrastructure. We offer a range of tools for local economic development through broadband to assist localities at every stage of investing in your digital future. Whether you are just starting on your journey, getting ready to implement your plan, or seeking to achieve digital transformation, we can help you through our proven methods and expertise.

Economic Impact Services

Beyond our extensive expertise in telecommunications and online services, SNG offers our expertise in qualitative and quantitative data collection, economic analysis and forecasting, economic impact assessment, strategic planning to be applied to other industries. Our specialty is measuring and tracking local economic benefits for industry and government, supporting capacity building, local economic benefits management, and public investment accountability.

  • Strategic planning and policy regional development facilitation
  • Rural economic development (focusing on the strengths and opportunities available to an organization, community or region within a local or regional economic system)
  • Asset mapping (to identify resource availability and gaps in services for government and organizations)
  • Economic impact assessments and strategic economic reviews and assessments
  • Energy economics (including economic assessments of alternative energy options)
  • Regulatory and program reviews (for both organizations and governments) and recommendation
  • Measuring and tracking local economic benefits for industry and government, supporting capacity building, local economic benefits management, and public investment accountability

Our study areas

Since 2003, SNG has lent its expertise to over one hundred industries including:

  • Alternative / renewable energy
  • Workforce and labor market economics
  • Manufacturing
  • Regional and rural economic development
  • Tourism policy and development
  • Health economics
  • Primary and secondary agriculture and fisheries
  • Sports and cultural development

Our partners

SNG is often called upon by industry associations and other consulting companies to provide subject matter expertise in economic development, quantitative methods, program evaluation, and other services. We regularly work with urban and rural planners, landscape architects, engineers, industry associations, universities, local/municipal, provincial/state, and federal governments, non-for-profit organizations, business consultants, as well as regional development and community development organizations.

SNG’s goal is to help our clients and partners make the right investments by taking a longer term holistic approach to economic and social benefits.