SNG sole source justification

Founded in 1998, Strategic Networks Group is globally recognized as the world leader in applying the econometrics of broadband to enable localities assess the demand-side of broadband and drive community benefits from investments in digital infrastructure and transformation.

SNG’s proprietary tools and methodologies uniquely enable SNG to assess local broadband market demand data and the economic case for investing in digital infrastructure and digital transformation. We help localities maximize economic impacts and drive community benefits from broadband by applying our unique and proprietary tools, which include: Digital Economy Benchmarking, Digital Needs and Readiness, Broadband Economic Case Analysis.

SNG has developed unique and proprietary metrics, indicators, data collection methodologies, analytics, and benchmarking that provide localities with intelligence to assess broadband gaps, barriers, and opportunities. Having conducted broadband assessments across North American communities, regions, and ten (10) American States, SNG has developed a normative and world-leading Digital Economy Database (DED) of over 85,000 records on how individual businesses, organizations, and households are connected, using, and benefitting from the internet.

The DED uniquely enables SNG to benchmark current and potential broadband demand in areas of proposed network investment, as well as assess community broadband gaps, barriers, and opportunities in the local use of online practices. With these data points and insights, SNG applies the DED’s impact data (e.g. new business revenues, new jobs, etc.) to forecast local economic impacts (increases in local GDP, tax base, etc.) from broadband projects and digital transformation initiatives. This includes the expected economic returns to businesses (e.g. new revenues, jobs), for the community (e.g. retention and expansion of businesses and tax base), etc. The outcomes from SNG’s work with localities improves community economic resiliency, local sovereignty, and broadband network sustainability. SNG’s unique, proprietary, and proven tools and methodologies will help achieve these desired outcomes and provide sole source justification to hire SNG.