SNG Partner Network

Bringing you the whole solution

SNG provides key links in the value chain of helping communities and regions advance their economies in a digital age. There are other links in the chain in terms of expertise and implementation that SNG relies on from our network of trusted partners. We have developed working relationships with these partners because they share the same values and goals that we do – that digital infrastructure, broadband, and smart city services are essential infrastructure and services for communities because they offer community benefits that outweigh the costs.

Whether it is smart city strategies, network planning and build, demand aggregation, financing your project, or other needs, we enlist our partners as appropriate to provide you with complete solutions as you move through the stages of achieving your goals for your digital future. You may also have your own preferred partners to work with. In either case, our goal is to ensure that your path is smooth and leads to your ultimate success.

For more information about the steps to move forward on digital infrastructure for your community, please see The Path Forward.

For more information about tools that can help your community, please see how SNG analytics works for you.