SNG Provides ISPs a New Way to Increase Revenues and Retain Customers

bb checkupOffering Allows ISPs to Help Businesses Better Utilize Their High-Bandwidth Service

Nashville, Tennessee – Today at the FTTH Conference & Expo, Strategic Networks Group (SNG) announced a new way for ISPs to increase revenues and retain customers. The Broadband Checkup enables ISPs to distinguish themselves as a partner to local businesses by showing them, through third-party research, how better broadband can grow their business. The Broadband Checkup is an innovative marketing strategy for ISPs to differentiate themselves as well as good PR as the program demonstrates a collaborative partnership and desire to help local businesses grow.

The Broadband Checkup is a cost-effective, low-risk means for ISPs to provide customers with SNG’s popular “Digital Economy index (DEi) Scorecards.” Contained within these scorecards are recommendations and competitive intelligence on Internet applications to be adopted and the accompanying ROI.  The scorecard benchmarks a business’ self-reported Internet use against its peers from SNG’s database of more than 40,000 businesses. By doing so, the DEi scorecard reveals the Internet activities a business’ peers (based on size and industry) are using, along with the average benefits in terms of new revenues and cost savings.

“The Broadband Checkup allows ISPs that are already providing businesses with better speeds exactly how to most effectively use their service,” explained Michael Curri, president and founder of SNG. “Beyond availability, the Broadband Checkup shows businesses what they could and should be doing online to be more competitive and increase their revenues.”

“ISPs who provide their community the Broadband Checkup distinguish themselves as community business partner, not just a vendor,” said Doug Adams, VP Communications. “The offering will create community goodwill, demonstrating partnership, and show that the ISP is invested in the community, its businesses, and helping them grow.”

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