SNG at work in Illinois : High-Speed Internet Key for Job Creation, Economic Development In Illinois

From – April 8, 5:27 PM
Illinois businesses view high-speed internet as a source of job creation, an important way to present themselves to the world and as a way to improve internal operations, according to a multi-faceted report released today by Broadband Illinois.

Conducted in 2012, the study contains detailed information on the impact and utilization of high-speed internet on Illinois businesses, organizations and households in 10 multi-county regions called eTeams. A key objective of the initiative was to better understand the socio-economic impacts of broadband on communities and regions in Illinois through both qualitative and quantitative measures.

“This report offers a window into how businesses and organizations in Illinois use broadband and what they value from high-speed connectivity,” said John Horrigan, Ph.D., Research Director at Broadband Illinois and Vice President and Director at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. “The findings from the business sector show that businesses see broadband as a crucial way to connect with consumers and suppliers. Yet with greater confidence in network security and privacy, the findings also show that businesses would do more with broadband.”

Another key finding reveals that nearly 75 percent of the 7,253 Illinois businesses surveyed say broadband infrastructure is essential to remaining in their current location and nearly 50 percent of businesses surveyed said the availability of high-speed infrastructure is essential when deciding where to locate a new business.

The report also identifies barriers to adoption and utilization of high-speed internet by the business sector, citing issues of network security and privacy concerns.

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