SNG Announces Economic Feasibility Assessment to Measure Potential Benefits and Estimate Costs with AEG

One-of-a-Kind Offering Provides Initial Insights into the Feasibility of a Locally Owned Network by Weighing Costs and Benefits

Dallas, Texas – Today at the Broadband Communities Summit Strategic Networks Group (SNG) announced its new service, the Economic Feasibility Assessment. SNG’s Economic Feasibility Assessment is SNG’s lower-cost, relatively rapid alternative to the traditional feasibility study. It’s a preliminary step to inform and develop a plan for local broadband investment. The Economic Feasibility Assessment uncovers whether a community should invest by quantifying the benefits to be realized in a “what-if” scenario of a locally owned network.  SNG investigates real community savings versus investment required and as a value-add offer a forecast for the economic growth a new network could facilitate. The economic investment estimates are provided by leading industry firm AEG.

“We’re delighted to partner with SNG in this endeavor to help municipalities quickly ascertain if they should move forward with a broadband network,” said James Salter, Chairman of AEG. “Too many communities feel stuck and forced to do a deep dive with a traditional feasibility study when the first step should be understanding the overall costs and potential local benefits a network could provide before taking that step.”

“We’re simply taking the time to quantity costs and savings as well as uncovering potential community benefits from broadband investments to see if initial analysis shows a return on investment,” explains Michael Curri, president and founder of SNG. “In less than a month for a fraction of the cost of a feasibility study, communities can quickly understand if they should move forward, abandon the premise altogether, or conduct more legwork.”

The Economic Feasibility Assessment includes:

  • Estimate of network investment (provided by Atlantic Engineering)
  • Potential municipal cost reductions compared to existing broadband costs.
  • Cost benefits for community anchor institutions (schools, libraries, hospitals, government buildings).
  • Cost savings for households and the accompanying consumer surplus for local spending.
  • Economic growth from increased business competitiveness and productivity.

To read the Economic Feasibility Assessment for Ammon Idaho, visit 

About Strategic Networks Group (SNG)
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