Northern Ireland Broadband Planning

Clients: British Telecom

Project: In partnership with Regeneris Consulting (UK) the project focus was on estimating the potential economic benefits that can be derived from recent investments in fibre broadband services in Northern Ireland. SNG leveraged its extensive database and economic impact analysis to show the financial benefits that can accrue from increased utilization of broadband services across five key sectors: advanced manufacturing, creative & digital, financial services, retail, and agri-food. Increasing broadband utilization enhances demand for fibre broadband services resulting in increased service uptake and greater economic returns on investment.

Conducted: 2013.

Results: The economic impact estimates for Northern Ireland show that a 10 percent increase in utilization of broadband-enabled services would result in a 15-year GVA (gross value added) impact if £422m ($640M) for Northern Ireland. The estimated economic benefits are based on increased use of services that drive business growth (revenues) and improve productivity, innovation, and competitiveness.

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