Statewide initiative to help Arkansas small businesses be more competitive

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As a project of the Arkansas Capital Corporation Group, Connect Arkansas is a private nonprofit dedicated to increasing high-speed Internet subscription and improving and sustaining Internet adoption throughout Arkansas.

Recognizing that Internet utilization is critical for business growth and prosperity, Connect Arkansas is working toward helping Arkansas businesses better use the Internet.  This effort is will measure how businesses can use 17 separate eSolutions to drive revenues and decrease costs.

By deploying an eSolutions Benchmarking study amongst small businesses across Arkansas, SNG will provide Connect Arkansas with strategies to become more competitive and insight into the specific tolls and assistance Arkansas’ businesses will need to thrive moving forward.

Expected Outcomes

Additionally, SNG and Connect Arkansas are helping challenged communities in Faulkner County rebound using broadband and Internet applications.  This includes businesses in Vilonia and Mayflower – communities that have been ravaged by oil spills and tornadoes in the past 24 months.

The special assistance to help Faulkner County’s businesses better compete comes in the form of SNG’s Small Business Growth Program. The program helps businesses understand what meaningful and expanded Internet utilization could mean for their business. Participating local businesses that take a self-assessment will receive invaluable business intelligence in the form of a roadmap to driving revenues and reducing costs. SNG has surveyed tens of thousands of businesses across the nation regarding their Internet use and accompanying financial benefits, which allows SNG to compare how a Faulkner county business is leveraging broadband’s benefits in comparison to their peers and competitors. For example, a participating manufacturer with 10 employees will receive a customized report that shows the top three Internet applications (in terms of revenue and cost benefits) that they should be undertaking – along with the average financial impact their peers are realizing.

Arkansas Businesses can participate in the self assessment by going to

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