North Carolina Announces Next Phase in Long Standing Strategic Networks Group (SNG) Partnership

SNG Engaged to Measure Utilization and Help State Realize Broadband’s Economic Benefits

nc_broadband-logo2(October 9, 2013) Raleigh, NC – NC Broadband announced today that they’ve again engaged SNG to measure broadband utilization of businesses and households throughout the State.  Previously SNG, the global leader in broadband measurements, conducted a similar study in 2010 within North Carolina, helping to inform and guide strategies since.  This year’s study will provide important information on progress made over the past three years as well as the challenges that still need to be overcome.

During October, households and organizations will be asked to conduct an online assessment of their use of broadband technologies. Not only will North Carolina be able to compare this year’s results with those from 2010, SNG’s research spans across 10 States, allowing for a comparison of broadband usage and economic impacts with peers and peer organizations nationwide.

“The vision of NC Broadband is to improve the competitiveness of North Carolina’s businesses and workforce by promoting the use of information technology in education, health care, economic development and all levels of government,” N.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker. “By utilizing this opportunity, our residents and business leaders can provide valuable feedback and, as a state, North Carolina can leverage its strength as a leader in the digital economy.”

Additionally, to complement the business survey, up to 500 participating businesses will receive a uniquely-tailored scorecard based on their survey responses that will summarize the financial impacts that broadband currently has on their business. The scorecard will suggest broadband-enabled tools that could increase competitiveness, efficiencies and revenues – and the ROI that would accompany additional broadband utilization.

“North Carolina has always been at the forefront of measuring broadband utilization and developing strategies to keep their State at the forefront of the digital economy,” explained Michael Curri, president of SNG. “We’re thrilled to be able be able to not only inform North Carolina’s broadband strategies but also provide individual businesses with the information and specific recommendations to compete and thrive in a digital world.”

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