No Field of Dreams: Eliminating the Waiting Game and Driving Uptake

In working across the globe and working with multiple carriers deploying new, more robust broadband networks, Strategic Networks Group consistently comes up against the notion that once the network is built, adoption will naturally follow. “Build it and they will come” is a school of thought that expresses the great hope that potential subscribers will naturally adopt, however this notion goes against what we have always known about technology adoption.

Meanwhile, broadband is broadband for many consumers and businesses – who do not see the difference, nor what is possible with ultra-fast broadband (e.g. fiber / Fiber-to-the-Home). On the other hand, organizations like US Ignite are forming to promote “Next generation Applications,” specifically new applications in education, healthcare, clean energy, public safety, and workforce development, including advanced manufacturing. These require the ultra-fast broadband connectivity which the networks being rolled out today will provide. And before we get to “Next generation applications,” consider the bandwidth required to support online collaboration so critical to being competitive in a 21st century economy.

ChasmIn the following white paper, SNG will apply its own experience and findings with accepted technology marketing theories to better explain why, when it comes to introducing ultra-fast broadband, “build it” is merely step one of technology adoption.

Read the complete whitepaper, No Field of Dreams: Eliminating the Waiting Game and Driving Uptake>>

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