NGN Selects SNG To Help Drive Uptake

North Georgia Network Asks SNG to Help Demonstrate Value of Upgrading to Ultra-Fast Broadband

As ARRA pioneer North Georgia Network (NGN) is nearing completion, they’ve found themselves faced with the age-old technology challenge – getting people to understand the value and adopt the new technology. It’s a common mistake for network operators to assume that their market will see broadband as a utility… a no brainer that will see automatic uptake… the “build it and they will come” camp. What this group misses is that better/faster Internet service is an UPGRADE for most – an audience of households, businesses, and organizations that may be “under” served, but not UNserved.

NGNAll this to say – NGN recognizes the need to make a compelling case to move from current broadband service to the ultra-fast fiber service NGN is now offering. With this recognition, NGN looked for a partner to help drive adoption and uptake, selecting SNG, our proprietary solutions and unparalled research database to help deliver a compelling business case for businesses and organizations to move to a more robust broadband service.

SNG will provide North Georgia businesses with an “e-Solutions Inventory,” a self-assessment for businesses centered on the applications (e-Solutions) being currently utilized, the ones that aren’t, and the state of the business. These same businesses will then receive recommendations for e-solutions to adopt, and the ROI accompanying each. All of this is fact-based, grounded in our Digital Economy Analytics Platform (DEAP) – a research database that over 11,000 business’ broadband usage and accompanying results – which inevitably provides Georgia businesses with the ability to compare their usage with like-sized organizations in the same industry.

“Most businesses are just scratching the surface of the potential broadband provides their business,” said Bruce Abraham, NGN’s president & CEO. “The businesses that find new ways use the Internet are the key to future success.”

“By taking the current state of broadband use and comparing it to like-sized companies in similar industries, we’re able to educate businesses on best practices for broadband utilization,” explained Michael Curri, president of SNG. “We’re able to provide specific recommendations and the ROI accompanying each that businesses adopting these e-solutions can expect.”

SNG has written a widely received white paper on the phenomenon of driving uptake, you can read the complete whitepaper, No Field of Dreams: Eliminating the Waiting Game and Driving Uptake by clicking here>>

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