MYND Wired Digital Needs Assessment

Take your Community to the Next Level

through Digital Transformation!


Thank you for completing the Digital Needs and Readiness Assessment, the first step in our collaborative path forward. MYND Wired is excited to work with your locality to address your broadband gaps and digital infrastructure needs. We will work together to ensure all residents and businesses have affordable and reliable broadband, as well as benefit from transformative civic, education, and health services.

MYND Wired is prepared to invest not only in necessary digital infrastructure for your locality, but also the digital transformation process to engage with your community as outlined below. Our common goal is to drive economic and community benefits from digital infrastructure and transformation investments for all.

While taking the lead, MYND Wired also expects to work collaboratively with community leadership and stakeholders along a process aimed to achieve our shared goals, as outlined in the path forward below.

Overview of MYND Wired Collaborative Path Forward

  1. Your leadership team takes the Digital Needs and Readiness Assessment (DNRA)
    • So MYND Wired can better understand your goals, issues, and readiness, please have your local leader(s) take the DNRA – which takes approximately 10 minutes.
    • Each participating leader will get an automated summary report emailed back to them.
  2. MYND Wired will conduct a Preliminary Assessment to evaluate the broadband investment opportunity of your locality based on:
    • Current infrastructure, levels of service, addressable market, and other data sources.
    • Assessment of community ROI based on goals, issues, and readiness data from DNRA and other data sources.
  3. MYND Wired will issue an offer to invest in digital infrastructure for your locality based on preliminary assessment of ROI and readiness
    • MYND Wired will lay out a model, path forward, and expectations for a broadband investment in your locality.
    • If we have an agreement in principle, MYND Wired and you locality leadership will sign a letter of agreement.
  4. Economic Case Assessment
    • Builds the detailed economic and community case for investment in your locality.
    • Assessment to move forward based on level of local engagement and economic case for investing.
    • If findings suggest that your locality does not have enough of an economic case to invest, MYND Wired will provide feedback and show options on how to scale the project to achieve a positive economic case.
  5. Community Engagement Readiness Assessment
    • Engage key stakeholders across your locality to evaluate readiness for engaging community on a digital transformation initiative.
    • Assessment of readiness to engage businesses, organizations, and households in digital transformation.
    • If your locality is not assessed as ‘ready’, MYND Wired will provide feedback and show options on how to engage local businesses, organizations, and households to ensure a successful digital transformation.
  6. Partnership Agreements with your locality
    • Setting of roles and expectations with local leadership and local stakeholders – essential for driving participation for the Market Demand Assessment.
    • Agreement on roles, actions, and responsibilities.
  7. Market Demand Assessment
    • Collection of detailed demand data for current and potential demand – necessary for financial and deployment planning.
    • Promotion and support by stakeholders to engage community and drive participation in market assessment.
    • Criteria based on sufficient demand and interest across the community residents and businesses.
    • If your locality is assessed as not having enough of an addressable market, MYND Wired will provide feedback and show options on how you can engage local businesses, organizations, and households
  8. Assessment by MYND Wired on whether to proceed with engineering design.

MYND Wired will provide you with the necessary tools and feedback as we work through this process together.