An Exciting Sponsorship Opportunity for ISP’s

SNG Announces Innovative Marketing Approach for Broadband Providers

Grow Your Small Business Subscriber Base With This Unique Sponsorship Opportunity

Are you tired of the same old marketing techniques with the same “okay” results? Radio ads. TV ads. Print ads.  Direct marketing… Outdoor marketing?  And maybe even online marketing.  All are probably steady, but wouldn’t you like to do something new, fresh and innovative?

If you’re challenged to find a better way to market you Internet Service, you’re in luck.  SNG’s Small Business Growth Program (SBGP) can distinguish you in your community as a business partner concerned with the needs of local businesses, and helping them grow.

Make 2016 your year to grow in the profitable small business market.  With 90% of America’s businesses falling into this category, opportunities are ripe… with the right message.

There’s no more effective marketing and PR tactic to grow your market, drive business leads, and show your small business customers & prospects why they should trust you and your company to provide them with Internet service.

The Small Business Growth Program is an affordable component to add to your marketing mix to drive:


Why a Program Especially for Small Businesses?

Research shows that small businesses can be slow on the Internet application uptake. This impacts not only a business’ potential for success, but service providers ability to grow their own business.

SNG’s Small Business Growth Program can position a service provider as a business community’s preferred provider by positioning yourself as a community partner rather than a vendor.

What is the Small Business Growth Program (SBGP)?

An iterative approach for small businesses to uncover how their online activities stack up to their peers. Each and every small and medium-sized business in your community and their C-level leadership are targeted for participation in the SBGP which starts with a self assessment, delivers recommendations for action along with unique business tools that include financial analysis and “how-to” assistance.

ISP sponsors of the SBGP will receive extensive and exclusive exposure throughout this highly visible process including:


By sponsoring the Small Business Growth Program in the communities you serve you will:

  • Increase demand
  • Strengthen relationships with customers, prospects and the community
  • Have access to a high-impact mechanism for getting your brand in front of new potential customers to build goodwill and awareness.

The SBGP is also a great resource for your sales team to help them acquire new business customers and service/grow existing customers.