Making the Most of Your Broadband Investment

by Michael Curri
“We finally have broadband coverage, so are we done?”

Broadband is critical infrastructure, a means to an end – not the finish line. Neither broadband coverage alone nor adoption is sufficient to achieve your goals and outcomes. Only broadband utilization leads to desired economic and social benefits. What are they? That depends on your priorities…

  • Do you want local businesses to be more productive and be able to compete in the global economy? Do you want to keep local jobs?
  • Do you want youth to have the opportunity to have high paying local employment?
  • Do you want your region to be more resilient to shocks and enhance quality of life?
  • Do you want citizens who are more informed and invested in the community?

Priorities differ across regions. But without significant utilization, it is unlikely desired outcomes will be achieved. Drivers and barriers must be identified, understood, and managed. Broadband coverage does not necessarily beget adoption… and adoption does not automatically beget effective utilization.

Leveraging broadband is at the heart of modern economic development. Whether the objective is retaining existing businesses and jobs, business growth, or improving the quality of jobs – e-solutions are critical enablers to drive participation in the digital economy. To realize the benefits of broadband – availability is important, but utilization is critical.

Most regions require planning, strategies, and the promotion of e-solutions utilization to leverage broadband infrastructure. This is a transition and a restructuring process critical to ensure your region can thrive in the global economy while delivering a high quality of life.

By uncovering existing barriers to e-solutions utilization, communities and regions can see whether they are positioned to compete in the digital economy. With these insights, it is possible to understand which e-solutions will have the most immediate and significant impact on the local economy. These insights are critical inputs to where your investment should be directed in bridging gaps and accelerating utilization. Let SNG work with you to develop your path forward along the broadband lifecycle.

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