Issue 1, July 23, 2009: Broadband mapping for the public interest

Introducing Strategic Networks Group, Inc.

“You wouldn’t make a major investment in your business without knowing all the facts – investing in broadband is no different.” At SNG, we help our clients build solid, credible, and successful, business cases for necessary e-solutions, ICT and connectivity infrastructure investments within their communities. We have the experience and the tools to show clients where ICT investments can shorten the path to local economic growth. We adapt our methodologies to de-risk investment decisions and accelerate uptake rates for client broadband initiatives. We can help you now make the most of the broadband stimulus package funds – for the good of your constituents.

Specifically, we have developed a unique approach to broadband supply and demand mapping – the only way to gather all the info needed to prepare the right deployment plans – and strong grant requests.

“Broadband mapping should be done in the public interest”

“[It could be that North Carolina might be] the latest state in which the economic and political clout of incumbent service providers is being exercised at cross-purposes to the public interest goals of broadband mapping. This is especially troubling today, since very large amounts of public money will soon be spent to generate data, maps and analysis that are supposed to serve the public interest.

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