SNG Insights – The Business Digital Divide

Closing the Business Digital Divide Accelerates Business Growth

The Smaller the Business, the Less Utilization of Internet Applications

Did you know that (according to the US Census) 90% of American businesses are small businesses? As we build networks and increase availability to drive economic development opportunities, it is clear that the largest sector of businesses – small businesses – are under-utilizing Internet applications to drive growth potential. SNG’s Small Business Growth Program can help you address this gap and maximize broadband’s economic impact in your community !

Where You Live Can Impact How Much You Use the Internet

Not only does business size matter when it comes to meaningful use of the Internet, where you live crates a divide the more rural an area is. At first we thought that perhaps this was because availability might be lacking in more rural areas earlier in the decade, but no matter how we ran the data (only 2016 or the data below, 2012 – 2016), the phenomenon came up the same. The conclusion being that in spite of increased rural availability, meaningful use falls behind in smaller population areas.

Research for Better Broadband Decisions

SNG’s broadband research in a dozen states has resulted in an unparalleled Digital Economy Database of more than 75,000 self-reported broadband impacts from businesses and households.

If you would like to tap into the insights we have, or collect your own to capitalize on the transformative economic power of driving Internet utilization, learn more about SNG solutions and how SNG analytics can work for you.

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