eCheckup Access for Eastern Oregon

All households and businesses in Eastern Oregon are invited to participate in this eCheckup that’s the first step towards reaching goals such as:

  • Identifying the tools and information our community needs now and in the future to maximize the benefits of being connected and online for economic competitiveness and vitality
  • Ensuring more residents benefit from access to distance education, telemedicine, remote monitoring systems, time-sensitive information from police, etc.
  • Enabling local businesses to get some of the over $100 billion in e-commerce pie that’s supported by rural broadband (source: The Economic Impact of Rural Broadband, by Hans Kuttner, Hudson Institute)
  • Increasing the number of choices entrepreneurs have in the types of businesses they start or how they can grow what they already have
  • Helping our youth access more education and career options so they don’t have to leave to have a good job

In today’s increasingly digital world there are unprecedented opportunities for communities like ours.

Our customers are our neighbors and we are really proud to live in the communities we serve. We also value Eastern Oregon`s uniqueness and how together we can make our local economy stronger. This is my invitation for you to participate in this eCheckup. You don’t need to be an EOT customer to participate – we want to hear from all households and businesses across the community. Just click one of the buttons below to get started.

Thank you,

Joseph Franell, CEO,
Eastern Oregon Telecom (EOT)

Please note:

  • We value your contributions towards shaping our future. The eCheckup takes about 20 minutes to complete.
  • All participant`s privacy is protected and the information gathered through the eCheckup will only be used for reporting of combined results and identifying actionable items that can be taken to advance our local economy. No individual responses from any household, or business, will be shared with any third party, nor will participants be contacted for any solicitations.

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Eastern Oregon Telecom and Strategic Networks Group are partnering with communities to enable their residents and businesses to achieve the full potential of the digital economy.

About Eastern Oregon Telecom (EOT)

Eastern Oregon Telecom (EOT) is the leading Internet service provider in Eastern Oregon, currently offering high-speed internet and voice services to Hermiston, Pendleton, Umatilla, McNary, Boardman, Irrigon and Plymouth. It’s the way to connect in Eastern Oregon.

EOT is an employee-owned business that was founded with the vision of creating and sustaining a locally owned and controlled internet and telephone company. For the life of the company to date, all profits have been reinvested to provide better service to our customers. The employees of EOT are committed to providing world-class telecom services to Eastern Oregon.

About Strategic Networks Group (SNG)

Founded in 1998, Strategic Networks Group (SNG) helps communities and regions address the economic, social, and connectivity challenges of broadband, digital infrastructure and smart community services. Today SNG is globally recognized as the leader in helping clients assess the value and then drive economic and community benefits from investing in digital infrastructure. We work with communities and regions across North America and internationally, as well as agencies at a federal, state, and regional level working on advancing economies in a digital world.

SNG is recognized as the world leader in the econometrics of digital infrastructure and maximizing the benefits from online applications, which include smart community services. Applying our expertise and proven methodologies across the globe, we help countries, states, counties, and municipalities maximize the impacts of investments in digital infrastructure and service transformation.