Digital Needs and Readiness Assessment

Welcome to the Digital Needs and Readiness Assessment

Based on SNG’s experience of what it takes to move a community, region, or state through a broadband initiative, this ten minute assessment covers questions decision-makers should be asking and next steps they should be taking when considering broadband and digital infrastructure investments. This Digital Needs and Readiness Assessment is dedicated to Oregon and sponsored by Corning and SNG.

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Next Steps in Your Path Forward

To help you make the right decisions based on your needs and circumstances, no matter what stage you are at in the process, SNG has worked with network engineers and builders to develop a path forward that is streamlined, saving you time and money, so that your residents and businesses have the broadband they need to stay and thrive.

Below is an overview of how we can help you based on your needs and at what stage you are with broadband, digital infrastructure and transformation:

SNG recommends starting with the Community Broadband Toolkit which is designed to help communities establish, or improve digital infrastructure and broadband services for the benefit of their residents, businesses, and municipality. The Toolkit builds upon SNG’s research studies and takes lesson learned from successful broadband projects conducted across North America.