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Expand Your Market(s)

Sponsor the Small Business Growth Program to Help Your Region’s Businesses, Strengthen Your Local Partnerships, and Grow Your Own Market

As a broadband provider you face the challenge of your services being commoditized. Increasingly, broadband differentiation is based solely on price and speed.

The Small Business Growth Program (SBGP) can distinguish you in your community as a business partner concerned with the needs of local businesses, and helping them grow.

smalbizddResearch from Strategic Networks Group reveals that the smaller the business, the lower the Internet utilization. Low utilization (Internet use) negatively impacts businesses’ ability to compete. Healthy, growing businesses in your footprint will increase subscription to your services and generate recurring revenues.

Sponsoring the Small Business Growth Program will:

  • Establish you as the carrier that is a community partner.
  • Differentiate you as a provider dedicated to growing local businesses.
  • Develop a long term, loyal business customer base.
  • Provide extensive marketing value for your investment.

Additionally, sponsoring the SBGP grows your market share and your market:

  • Expands business uptake of your network and your services by helping them get started and more fully invested in their online presence.
  • Retains and increases the number of businesses in your footprint, maintaining and growing your subscriber base.
  • Growing local businesses and their demand for services.
  • Wins business from the competition as you are seen as a partner that invests in the community.
  • Provides you with partner leads for additional broadband-related technologies/services.

Marketing, PR, and Government Relations Dollars Spent WiselyThere’s no more effective marketing and PR tactic to grow your market, drive business leads, and show your small business customers & prospects why they should trust you and your company to provide them with Internet service.

Supporting this groundbreaking, innovative program will establish and solidify long-term relationships within your market. Also, your sponsorship can be tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

Sponsorship of the Small Business Growth Program provides your company extensive and exclusive exposure to the local business community. This helps you grow your market share and expand your market potential by fostering business growth.

Your company will be the sole presenting sponsor with recognition in every form of communication and collateral delivered to businesses participating in and being recruited for the Small Business Growth Program.

Each and every small and medium-sized business (less than 100 employees) and their C-level leadership are targeted for participation in the Small Business Growth Program. Your support for the program and local businesses will be promoted through:



Sponsoring Organizations Can Include

  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Local, Regional, and State Governments
  • Foundations
  • Utilities
  • Broadband Providers
  • IT Service Companies
  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • Web Service Companies

An annual investment starting at $55,000 provides the program and a presence with businesses in up to a three-county footprint. Additional regions are available for $25,000 each.

This program is currently running in Kansas City and is a proven resource to drive Internet utilization and your brand!