Community Broadband Readiness Pre-Assessment

Is your community ready to undertake broadband project?

Will it be sustainable once completed?

SNG’s Broadband Readiness Pre-Assessment applies lessons learned and critical success factors from other communities that have successfully implemented and sustained broadband network projects. Simply answer a few questions on your community’s leadership, vision and plan, market, etc. in a 10-15 minute online assessment – which you can take below.

Like the full Community Readiness Assessment, the Broadband Readiness Pre-Assessment provides you with objective scoring that shows how you stack up in being ready for your broadband project – and being able to sustain it. It takes just a few minutes to complete and you will immediately receive a summary report with your scores by email.



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Our Community Broadband Readiness Pre-Assessment is totally FREE for you to use. We only require your contact information to ensure that this valuable tool is used for legitimate purposes by community broadband proponents. We will send your access to the email address you provide.

Broadband Readiness Pre-Assessment

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What you will receive

Once you receive your complimentary Readiness Pre-Assessment Report by email, you can share the process and results from scoring with your elected officials and local leaders. Having them take the full Community Broadband Readiness Assessment enables them to see whether they are in alignment, where there are gaps, and the process builds buy-in to your community’s broadband initiative.

Readiness is a key step in the path forward

Readiness is critical for your broadband initiative and for engaging local stakeholders to participate in a path forward that is practical and cost-effective. SNG recommends the following step-by-step approach for communities and regions:

  • Start with assessing economic feasibility of investing in broadband, digital infrastructure and transformation – do economic and community benefits outweigh the costs over 15-20 years?
  • Make a Go / No-Go decision to take next steps. This includes assessing your community’s readiness, as well as market demand and potential subscriber service commitments.
  • Assess community readiness – engage stakeholders to ensure you have what it takes to get your project across the finish line.
  • Assess market demand for broadband, digital infrastructure, and smart community services – is there enough demand to sustain the network and smart community services? Can you aggregate demand and drive sign-ups so you build once you have committed demand?
  • Make a Go / No-Go decision to invest in design and engineering and prepare for network build.

Use the insights from your Readiness Assessment to take actionable next steps in your path forward.

Further insights are available with SNG’s Community Broadband Toolkit, designed to help with answers on how to move forward.

The toolkit builds upon SNG’s experience and research across North America and includes a comprehensive set of guides, templates and tools to assist with your community’s broadband initiative. The Broadband Toolkit is designed to help communities that are considering ways to improve or expand broadband availability for the benefit of their citizens and businesses. This guide also includes an overview of broadband benefits, based on current research, to assist communities in establishing a clear set of goals for their broadband efforts.