SNG’s Broadband Economic Impact Model


SNG’s Broadband Economic Impact Model estimates the potential economic growth from increased broadband use in terms of local increases in jobs, GDP, and tax base. Our model uses quantitative analysis to reveal the potential economic impacts from broadband for your region based on of the most impactful broadband utilization scenarios. Powering this model is SNG’s Digital Economy Database and our extensive research among tens of thousands of businesses that have reported Internet utilization and accompanying financial impacts.

As states, regions, and municipalities focus on ensuring the necessary broadband infrastructure they need to understand the economic returns from investing in digital infrastructure and transformation. At SNG, we do not know of any other type of business retention and expansion initiative that has as big of an impact to a local economy for every dollar invested.

Below is an example of an estimate that can be run at county, region, or state level for any industry, online practices, or digital technologies:




oneThe Model includes a dashboard with the metrics that matter most including jobs created, business and tax revenues.

twoSelect the target industries and employment ranges to create a subset of businesses to be analyzed.


Select industries your region is strategically and specifically aligned at helping – or select them all.


The model estimates the number of adopting businesses from our own experience based on company size and industry.


Direct impacts in terms of new annual revenue and cost savings for selected industries and employment ranges.


The incremental annual GDP and taxes and job creation estimates as a result of the new adoption.