Set of capabilities

BRaIN is a collaboration platform:

  • A web-based ecosystem to enable collaboration and leveraging of knowledge and experience gained from local research initiatives
  • A searchable library available to stakeholders : a series of data bases that can be mined; a range of reports that provide stand alone data such as survey results; high level statistical information; integrative pieces for strategic planning; sector- or function-level reports to assist operational decision-making.

Recurring surveys

BRaIN will be structured to conduct recurrent surveys, built around a core of identical questions to enable benchmarking in time and in place. In the same manner that “omnibus surveys” allow to add specific-interest question to a recurring marketing survey, BRaIN will be structured to allow its constituents to request specific subjects to be explored – in a one-off fashion or recurring fashion.

Action-driven reports

BRaIN will also spearhead the deployment of specific action-driven reports to address specific needs of its constituents. For example:

  • To help network deployment planners setting priorities for a FTTH network in a mixed urban/suburban/rural region
  • To help broadband “sustainable adoptions” decision-makers planning the organization of their support teams in lower income areas
  • To help economic development teams identifying gaps in utilization by businesses and organizations of e-solutions in specific sectors in the regions
  • To help the economic development decision-makers identifying the most promising sectors in the region based on benchmark with other comparable regions
  • And more…