Moving Forward

It’s time to take this seriously. When most everything in our economies is now part of the digital economy, it is time to address seriously the need to develop a new approach which will enable decision makers to understand what is happening around them.

BRaIN is just that: a flexible, web-enabled, collaborative platform to gather and accumulate real time data that can be processed, cut in different ways, analyzed, compared, and shared – to create the intelligence needed to understand the broadband-enabled digital economy.

SNG’s role and interest

We have designed BRaIN from our field experience, in order to advance the public good. This “concept” is now in the public domain – and we would like to see it enhanced, developed by economic and regional development planners worldwide.

Strategic Networks Group is especially qualified to be a core BRaIN contributor: designing surveys, possibly managing the survey deployments and (fundamentally) analyzing results.

Participating in the BRaIN

We believe this concept should be put in front of as many interested parties as possible:

  • Public interest and lobbying groups interested in promoting the development of new economy tools – those groups could endorse the concept;
  • National, regional, local level support and development organizations (primarily, but no specifically non-profit) acting on the ground to foster better broadband adoption and use – who could take ownership of the concept and “make it happen.”

Learn more

To find out how the BRaIN concept can be implemented in your community, please contact us: