Driving Local Economic Growth through Broadband

SNG has proven tools and methods to grow your local economy.

Small Business Growth ProgramEconomic and regional development organizations partner with SNG to help their local businesses grow through more effective use of technology – specifically broadband and Internet applications.

SNG’s program and tools are designed for economic development agencies to show local businesses which internet applications will drive revenues and maximize return on investment (ROI). These applications include online tools to access new markets, deliver new products and services, work with suppliers and partners in new business opportunities, etc.

A majority (70-80%) of local economic growth comes from existing small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Additionally, since 90% of businesses in US communities average less than 20 employees, a program that helps local SMBs grow their revenues is a powerful opportunity for local economic growth.

Bridge gaps and overcome barriers for businesses with SNG’s Small Business Growth Program and SMBs will become more productive and competitive, generate new revenues and grow – which increases GDP, employment, and tax base through organic local economic growth.

As more and more dollars are being spent on building better, faster, more robust networks one thing is blatantly clear: there is a small business digital divide leaving too many behind.  SNG’s research confirms what you may already know.  A majority of small and medium sized businesses don’t understand what they could be doing online to thrive.

Steps to Grow the Local Economy through Broadband

  1. Small Business Growth Program. Help individual businesses and organizations identify / analyze how broadband and Internet applications can benefit them. ARC funds these types of community economic development activities and funded the Small Business Growth Program in New York State.
  2. Bridging the gap between needs and skills. Once businesses understand which online business practices will have the biggest and most immediate impacts to their revenues and costs, their first question in taking next steps is usually: “Where can I find someone who can help me implement these applications?” This creates jobs for IT and marketing professionals to help deliver these services.
  3. Broadband Resource Centers. Cost effective centers way to provide entrepreneurs with access, as well as guidance and support for learning and development activities.

If you wish to know more about how to get POWER funding to bring the Small Business Growth Program to your community, feel free to contact us!