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Connecting in North Georgia

SNG helps businesses understand broadband benefits, drive uptake.

by Doug Adams
cngsite-450x423Over the past month, SNG has been helping ARRA pioneer North Georgia Network (NGN) kickoff the next step in their broadband journey – driving utilization.

They see this as, of course, an opportunity to be a sustainable project. But more importantly to Bruce Abraham and his new not-for-profit Connect North Georgia, it is an opportunity to help North Georgia grow through the meaningful use of broadband and its advanced applications.

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When data is not the information you need

Everyone thinks they have data… but what is it that makes a difference?

by Michael Curri
Every ten years, the US Government conducts a census to provide general demographics of regions and population overviews. But this is aggregated and basic information that is challenging to use as a sole source for decisions. And so additional research and data is required as strategies and policies are developed.

ughUnfortunately, in today’s broadband research world – most ‘data providers’ are simply giving you census data – basic information that is insufficient when trying to make broadband strategy decisions.  Census data is only an inventory of the current situation and disregards demand.

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