Small Business Growth Program

Driving Economic Growth

In a digital world, communities and region’s are challenged with getting their businesses “up to speed.”  Not just with regards to the gigafying unquenchable thirst for speed, but getting businesses to use digital technologies to better deliver services, to drive economic growth, spur new business startups, and expand workforce opportunities. These are proving to be big challenges.

As more and more dollars are being spent on building better, faster, more robust networks one thing is blatantly clear: there is a small business digital divide leaving too many behind.  SNG’s research confirms what you may already know.  A majority of small and medium sized businesses don’t understand what they could be doing online to thrive – and should be doing to stay competitive and relevant in a digital world.

This is especially disconcerting as more than 90% of businesses are small businesses. Your local economy literally depends on your local businesses better utilizing the Internet.

Small Business Growth Program

Small Business Growth Program LogoSNG’s Small Business Growth Program shows SMBs the business implications in terms of potential growth and cost savings of deploying Internet applications. The program’s foundation is SNG’s years of measuring Internet utilization impacts as well as the tens of thousands of businesses across the US that have reported their own impacts.

This is especially significant as if you are able to drive utilization in your region a modest amount will have significant impact on your region.

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The Small Business Growth Program (SBGP) is program is designed to help individual businesses take the specific steps they need to maximize broadband’s benefits for growth. In short, this program drives both economic development and network uptake.  The SBGP provides participating businesses with a scorecard containing recommended Internet-enabled applications to drive efficiencies and sales





The SBGP is a full-service program that creates local capacity to drive economic growth through broadband by providing organizations and businesses with a roadmap to tangible benefits from broadband. SNG’s Small Business Growth Program will drive subscribers and uptake, making your network sustainable in a shorter period of time. Just as importantly to your region, the Small Business Growth Program equips businesses in your region to compete in the digital economy, taking advantage of opportunities that create jobs and drive tax revenues. For regions that already have capacity, they may opt for the more affordable Small Business Growth Kit.






If you wish to know more about the Small Business Growth Program or Kit, please contact us!